Information for helicopter pilots!

30 April 2019
Information for helicopter pilots!

14 May 2019 at Konakovo airfield demonstration flights of multipurpose light helicopter Bell-505 will take place.

All pilots who want to try the new machine can make a free familiarization Bell-505 flight with the instructor of Bell company, Mikhail Movshin.

Come to Konakovo!

We'll wait for you at any time between 11.00 and 17.00.

If you'd like to book a certain time, get in contact with Alexandr Evdokimov (JetTransfer) or fill in the registration form

Coordinates: N 56°38'03", E 36°53'09"

Frequency: 133.1 - call sign "Konakovo start"

Fuel at the airfield: 100LL - 115 rub/l and TC-1 - 52 rub/l