53 the results of the Championship of Russia on Wed and 1 world Cup helicopter race

21 May 2018
53 the results of the Championship of Russia on Wed and 1 world Cup helicopter race

Last weekend at the airport Konakovo completed the starting stage of the world Cup helicopter races in the disciplines of "Slalom"and" Delivery of goods". Despite the bad weather of the first day, the competition was not just canceled, but also became especially spectacular –drizzling rain and wind only added excitement to the competition, the fight broke out serious, and there were no surprises: this year the favorites gave way to more daring crews. Especially this season, due to the changed rules, the results of the flights are offset by two classes, depending on the level of training of pilots – "Masters" and "General". Thus,each class had its own three winners.

In the General class this year the international pedestal. In the discipline of “cargo delivery” in intense competition for the third place the Polish crew Marcino and Samborski Michal (Poland) managed to snatch victory from Sergey deadlock and Alexei Pintelin (Russia). The second place was taken by Nikolai Deregus and Alexander Dovzhenko from Ukraine, the leaders were the Russians: the pilot Alexander Sotnikov, acting in the crew with Evgenia Zamula, one of the few female operators who demonstrates such high sports results. Everyone watched with great interest the success of another girl-Polish pilot Maria Musch, who by the age of 23 had already firmly settled in the standings of the world Cup. Speaking together with Yakub Malets, she won silver in Slalom, bronze from the Ukrainian crew of Deregus – Dovzhenko, gold from Belarusians Vladimir Bugaev and Andrey Rogonov.

By the sum of the two disciplines in the class of General on the results of the first stage of The world Cup leading Ukrainians Nikolai Deregus and Alexander Dovzhenko.

In the Masters class in the “Delivery of goods” bronze won the crew of centurions-Zamula, second place in Yuri Yablokov and Konstantin Podoynitsyn, on the top step of the podium as pilots from Russia – Andrey Orekhov and Vadim Sazonov. In the exercise” Slalom " in third place pilots of Samara CSKA Victor Degtyar and Peter Vasiliev, silver Belarusians Nikita Laptev and Vladislav Course, the best were Yuri Yablokov and Konstantin podoinitsyn.

On the eve of the championship for the world Cup ended the 53rd open championship of Russia in helicopter sports. The pedestal in the individual all-around was divided by the Moscow crews. On the third place Maksim Sotnikov, Oleg Puojunas, the second — Andrey Orekhov Vadim Sazonov, and gold — Yuri Yablokov and Constantine Podoinitsina, which also became the victors of the world Cup in Masters class.

53rd Open championship of Russia on helicopter sports became one of the earliest major aviation events of the season. This is a kind of dress rehearsal before the 16th FAI world championship in helicopter sport, which will be held in Minsk in July 2018. In addition to the Russian world Cup, 3 more stages are planned to be held in the UK, Poland and Belarus.