The opening of "Air Rangers - 2020"

1 May 2020
The opening of "Air Rangers - 2020"

Dear helicopter pilots and their friends!

We announce a large meeting at Konakovo Airfield on Saturday 21 March. The new sport season starts with the first stage of "Air Rangers" cup - 2020.

Everyone for whom helicopters have become a part of life, we wait for you! If you are not ready for sport competitions yet, come to cheer for your favourites pilots and to spend a spring Saturday with your old and new friends.

Coordinates: N 56° 38' 03", E 36° 53' 09"

Frequency: 133,1; Call sign - "Konakovo-start"

Competitors meet at: 10.00-11.00

Briefing: 11.00

Flights start at: 12.00

The joy of communication with like-minded people, the spring forest's smell and the tasty lunch will be waiting for you on March 21!!!