Air Rangers

Competition for novices and professionals in the art of helicopter flying

The International Academy of Helicopter sport and the Federation of Helicopter sport of Russia always keep working on attracting new pilots in helicopter sport, on creating new crews and preparing athletes for Russian national team.

To meet these challenges, we hold competition «Air Rangers» for the Cup of Russia.

The stages of Cup of Russia are held 1-2 times a month. At the end of the year, the Champions and winners of the Cup are determined by the amount of points scored. This is a unique opportunity to become an ace pilot in air reconnaissance, to improve navigation skills and to hone flight skills, performing exciting tasks that are prepared by the coaches of the national team, to try yourself in the events of sports program of the World Championships under the guidance of the best sport pilots of the planet.

Since may 2017, the competition is held in conjunction with the Search and rescue team "ANGEL". As tasks for pilots we introduce elements of search and rescue of people missing in the natural environment.

We must say that the Konakovo airfield is very well suited for such events. There’re huge forests and open spaces with different types of terrain and underlying surface. It gives a wide choice for working out different search conditions.

In competitions’ program there’s always a traditional meal, warmth and joy of meeting with friends.