Increase the flying sports skill

IAHS, The International Academy of Helicopter sport, provides educational services and helps to improve the piloting skills for pilots of light helicopters of almost all types, by means of sport trainings. We mostly fly by helicopters Mi-2, Robinson R-44 Raven-I, Robinson R-44 Raven-II, Bell-407. There is no an aviation training center in our Academy, so we can train only those

To start sport training flights, you must have:

  1. A private pilot licence for this type of helicopter;
  2. The medical permission of class II or I;
  3. It is preferable to have your own helicopter, but it is not obligatory.
  4. Your own helicopter is desirable, but not required.

You can fly to the Academy both on your own sides and undergo training, and use the boards of active athletes. Possible classes on weekends or during the week, at the discretion of the cadet. Trainers of the Academy are ready to adapt to the schedule convenient for cadets.

The Academy works year-round. The main acting coaches are Honored Master of Sports and Honored Coach of Russia Mikhail Balandin, Honored Master of Sports and Honored Coach of Russia Nikolay Rodionov, Honored Master of Sports and Absolute World Champion in Helicopter Sport Nikolay Burov, Honored Master of Sports Vasily Golovkin. The well-known coaches of CSKA Air Force also participate in the training process: Mikhail Bibishev and Petrenik Yuri.

The crew consists of two people: the pilot and the operator. The pilot is busy piloting the helicopter, the operator works with sports equipment or assists the pilot in navigational orientation. At the first classes as an operator, as a rule, coaches of the Academy fly.

Enhance flight skills, flights to the sport are carried out according to the following programs:
  1. Flying on "ACCURACY" at low altitude. There are 3 operating sites on the airfield, one of which is year-round.
  2. Flying under the "SLALOM" program. Four active sites, one year-round.
  3. Flying under the "FREIGHT TRANSPORTATION" program. Three sites, one year-round.
  4. Flying under the NAVIGATION program. Flights are carried out, as a rule, once a month, year-round, with display and search for real targets. Training of arrivals from the route with the discharge of bags on the targets and lowering the pins in the roof can be conducted at any time with any course of arrival, depending on the wind.
  5. Flights under the FREESTYLE program (free flight in a limited area with music) are conducted with pilots who have a total flight time of at least 500 hours and a sports category in helicopter sport of at least 1 ADULT.
What is needed to start to engage in helicopter sports (except pilot)?
  1. Wish
  2. Financial Opportunity
  3. Free time: from 5-6 hours a week
  4. Call any of the following phones:
+7 (495) 902-79-90 – Federation of Helicopter Sport of Russia
+7 (916) 241-20-78– International Academy of Helicopter Sport
+7 (920) 194-94-15– Konakovo airfield
Master class
Развозка грузов / Fender
Полёт на точность / Precision Flight
Параллельный слалом / Parallel Slalom
Master class
Развозка грузов / Fender
Полёт на точность / Precision Flight
Параллельный слалом / Parallel Slalom