Konakovo aero

The International Academy of helicopter sport and the Federation of helicopter sport of Russia are really happy to announce that in November 2019 the Clubhouse at Konakovo airfield was officially opened!

The Clubhouse with a total area 1500 sq.m. accommodates:

  • hotel (11 rooms from Standard to Lux);
  • restaurant for 100 seats, Russian and European cuisine;
  • conference room for 30-40 seats;
  • briefing room for crews;
  • classroom;
  • locker room for 50 athletes.

At their spare time, pilots and any of our guests can play billiards on a 13-foot table.

On the territory of the airfield there is a pond where commercial fishing for carp, pike, trout, perch and starlet is possible. All the avid fishermen as well as people who like solitude can stay at comfortable cabanas right by the water. Here there's also a sauna with a wood stove.

The Adventure park "Between heaven and Earth" is located near the Clubhouse, on mighty pine trees. 5 rope courses of various difficulty level will be interesting for visitors of any age.

The extreme-park is located in the eastern part of the airfield. A motor-cross training track, flat track and enduro-park are already open to visitors - we train children, teenagers and adults to ride sports motorcycle. We have a rental of dirt bikes, ATVs and scooters. There are also many interesting motorbike and enduro routes of various lengths in the picturesque surroundings of the airfield.

In winter our guests can rent cross-country skis, including skis for kids. We have a nice skiing route.

We also have nice gazebos with barbecue.

Come to visit us! We'll be glad to see you!