Start of «Air Rangers» Cup – 2019

18 March 2019
Start of «Air Rangers» Cup – 2019

It’s already a good tradition, to open the season at Konakovo airfield with a large meeting of air rangers. On March 23, there will be competitions of the 1st Stage of the Cup of Russia-2019 «Air Rangers».

«Air Rangers», the project of the International Academy of Helicopter sport and the Russian Federation of Helicopter sport was successfully launched in 2016. In 3 years more than 30 private pilots, 7 crews of the national team of Russia, pilots from Poland and Belarus took part in competitions.

The winner of 2018 Cup in class «Rangers» (General) is the crew Alexandr Safonov / Konstantin Tikhonov, the vice-champions are Alexandr Kaplunov and Sergey Serov, bronze medalists – Ekaterina Kharitonova and Elena Gorycheva. In class «Sport» (Masters) the large Cup was won by the crew Yury Yablokov/Konstantin Podoinitsyn, Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Puajukas have second place, the third are Andrey Orekhov and Vadim Sazonov.

The season begins and every pilot has a great chance to join an interesting competition and a friendly company of like-minded helicopter pilots. At Konakovo airfield you’ll traditionally have tasty meal and the luxury of communication with people of similar beliefs.

The briefing starts at 11.00 The flights start at 12.00

On March 22 we can organize trainings for you, time - by agreement.

Coordinates: N 56° 38' 03", E 36° 53' 09"

Frequency: 133.1 - call sign «Konakovo-start».

Refuelling in Konakovo: 100LL - 115 rub/l, TC-152 rub/l.

Please send your applications for participation till 15.00, March 22, 2019.

Contacts: Irina Grushina: tel: +7-916-202-51-94