The SKY: Theory and Practice

27 May 2019
The SKY: Theory and Practice

The best small aircraft aerobatic teams, performances of World and Europe champions, the stage of air and helirace competition, the exhibition of airplanes from the first world war to present day! First ever flight with a jetpack of Russian pilot. Presentation of new types of aircrafts: hoverboard and hoverbike, cargo drone and many other. Unique masterclasses for children. 10 balloons. And many other flying, interesting and learning things. All this and even much more could see the guests of festival " The SKY: Theory and Practice". It took place on 25-26 May at Chernoe airfield.

Helirace is one of the most spectacular part of helicopter sport. Slalom and Fender rigging helirace were held during the festival "The SKY: Theory and Practice". Several crews had to fly the course as quickly as possible. With the judge's signal huge machines take off and it's breathtaking to watch them flying so rapidly and accurately!

The first places in both Slalom and Fender took the crew Yury Yablokov and Konstantin Podoynitsyn. We congratulate Alexandr Sotnikov and Evgeniya Zamula. Their crew was the second. Both crews compete in R-44 helicopter. With a slight lag, the third place was taken by crew of Mi-2, Nikolay Rodionov and Galina Shpigovskaya, who are multiples winners of Russian national and international competitions.

We congratulate all participants and winners!