Russian helicopter pilots are the best on the planet again!

30 July 2018
Russian helicopter pilots are the best on the planet again!

On July 24-28, Borovaya airfield near Minsk became a platform for exciting battles of the best helicopter pilots within the 16th FAI World Helicopter Championship.

34 crews from 7 countries (Austria, Belarus, Germany, China, Poland, Russia and Ukraine) took part in the World Championship, or as it is called, helicopter mundiale. A multinational panel of judges, which was headed by the judge of International category from Germany Lothar Oehler, and his deputy Olga Sheveleva from Belarus, judged the competition. For the first time, the international jury consisted entirely of women. Under the leadership of Irina Grushina from Russia worked Brenda Nicoll from the UK and canadian expert Mary Ann Stevens.

The pilots of Mi-2 and R-44 competed in 4 events: Navigation, Precision Flight, Fender Rigging and Slalom. Once again, the top of the team pedestal was determined without intrigue: over the past 26 years, the Russian team has remained the undisputed leader of the world championship. Russian pilots got the highest scores of the team event (3 559.8 points) and won many prizes in all disciplines. The hosts of the competition also proved to be excellent. The team of Belarus became the silver medallist of the World Championship in the team standings (3 477.1 points). In addition, the Belarusians received awards in individual events and individual championship. The championship bronze went to the Polish team (3 334.3 points).

Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Puajukas from Russia became overall World champions. Another Russian crew Andrey Orekhov and Vadim Sazonov was second. Bronze medals went to Belarusian crew Alexey Molchansky and Anton Danchenko.

The polish crew Marcin Szamborski and Mikhal Szamborski became the world champion in Navigation. The silver prize-winners were Russian pilots Viktor Korotaev and Vladimir Ziablikov. The bronze went to their teammates Andrey Orekhov and Vadim Sazonov.

Russian crews swept all top positions in Precision Flight event. Andrey Orekhov and Vadim Sazonov became World champions, Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Puaqjukas won second place, the third were Yury Yablokov and Konstantin Podoinitsyn.

The World champions in Fender Rigging event are Belarusians Vladimir Bugaev and Andrey Rogonov. Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Poujukas are the second, and the bronze medalist is Belarusian crew Nikita Laptev and Vladislav Kurs.

In Slalom event Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Puajukas (Russia) were unreachable. Silver medals went to Alexandr Zhuperin and Nikolay Burov (Russia). Nikita Laptev and Vladislav Kurs from Belarus have bronze.

Russian pilots haven’t competed in Junior class. Here Bartosz Konchalski from Poland took the first place, the second was Matias Medl from Austria) and the third place went to Oleg Baranovsky from Ukrain.