Helicopter World Cup 2019. Results

2 October 2019
Helicopter World Cup 2019. Results

A few days ago the final stage of Helicopter World cup 2019 was finished in the Polish town Lososina Dolna. Russian pilots were the best there.

The World Cup was held in 4 stages according to the play-off system in two events: Slalom and Fender rigging.

In class General, 19 crews fought to get points for ranking and in class Masters there were 13 crews. Besides Russian crews, pilots from Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Ukraine took place in competitions.

All competitions were held under the control of the Rotorcraft Commission of the International Aviation Federation (CIG FAI). The panel of judges was headed by Lothar Oehler, Chairman of the international panel of judges.

In the final standings for each crew, the results of the two best stages were summed up - thus the winners of the World Cup were determined.

The famous Russian crew - Yury Yablokov and Konstantin Podoynitsyn - became the winners in the class Masters, for the third year running! Their main rivals Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Puodjukas, with a slight difference in points, were the second. Another Russian crew - Viktor Degtiar and Petr Vassiliev - took the third place.

In class General Russian crews earned gold and bronze medals: Andrey Baraev and Vadim Sazonov won the first place, Elena Prokofieva and Diana Riyazova were the third.

The results have surprized nobody, because no one in the world trains so earnestly and does not spend so much physical, mental energy and nerves to think through every element, every part of the flight, as our athletes do.

In National Cup Russia was the first in both classes, the second place went to Belarus (class Masters) and Ukraine (class General). Poland was the third in class Masters and the Czech Republic - in class General.

During all four stages, Russian crews have earned 32 gold, 24 silver and 28 bronze medals.

Vice-president of FAI CIG Irina Grushina:

"Many thanks to everyone: members of the International Rotorcraft Commission of the FAI, the organizers, the judges - for having invested their time, energy, knowledge and experience in the World Cup. I thank our Chief judge Lothar Oehler for his excellent work. And, of course, the round of applause to all crews - for incredible emotions, for very beautiful, competent and safe flights. See you in the sports season 2020!".