The 4-th stage of Helicopter World Cup has finished in Minsk

31 July 2018
The 4-th stage of Helicopter World Cup has finished in Minsk

After Russia, Great Britain and Poland, Belarus became the host of the final, fourth stage of Helicopter World Cup 2018. The competitions were open for the audience, so the Minsk heli-fans watched the world helicopter elite at their home airfield. Foreign guests highly appreciated the level of competitions’ organization and the unique atmosphere, created by our Belarusian colleagues. In addition to a serious and intense competition, the 4th aviation festival #Pronebo so loved by the audience, took place at Borovaya airfield near Minsk. This is a real triumph of aviation, with demonstration flights and performances of parachutists, an exhibition of aircrafts and entertainment program.

The winners of the final, fourth stage of the World Cup were determined in Minsk. Besides the hosts, crews from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine competed for rating points. Slalom and Fender Rigging heli-races as usual became the most spectacular part of the air battles. Unlike the World Championship, where pilots are penalized for inaccuracies, in the World Cup competitions speed plays a primary role. The intensity of the struggle increases, and the audience with a sinking heart watches the high-speed flights of competitors.

As it was decided at the beginning of the season, the competition was held in two classes –«Masters» and «General», depending on the level of training of pilots. In the final classification the results of two best stages (of four) were summed up. Thus, the winners of the World Cup were determined. Once again, the Russians proved their superiority, completely taking the whole pedestal in the class «Masters», and annoyingly missed gold in the class «General» with a minimal difference in points.

In general, in 4 stages of the World Cup, in two events «Slalom» and «Fender Rigging», in two classes, Russian helicopter pilots won 14 gold, 12 silver, 12 bronze medals.

In class «Masters» the winner was again, like the last year, the crew Yury Yablokov/Konstantin Podoinitsyn. Maxim Sotnikov and Aleh Puajukas won second place. The third place went to Victor Degtyar and Peter Vasiliev. The results were predictable: for decades, our pilots demonstrate coherence and honed flight skills. In class «General», the winner was the Polish crew Marcin Szamborski – Michal Szamborski. Their main rivals from Russia Sergei Tupikov and Alexei Pintelin became second. Third place went to Belarusian pilots Vladimir Bugaev and Andrey Rogonov.

In addition to the individual standings, Cups of Nations in separate events and in all-around also were played. Poland took the first place in class «General», Russia — the second, Belarus — the third. In class «Masters» Russia was first, Belarus-second, Poland-third.

Despite the predictable results and stable leadership of the Russian team, we can note the steadily growing level of pilots from all countries. The professionalism of competitors is increasing every year, and it makes the competition more and more spectacular and passionate. The level of organization of aviation events is also increasing. Minsk hosted helicopter competitions of such a high level for the first time in 40 years and was up to the challenge brilliantly.

Unfortunately, for Borovaya airfield it was the last championship, the site would be closed forever. However, parting with it was really memorable and bright!